Whether it’s to raise awareness for a new product or simply blogging about your industry, Quora can do wonders for your business. Currently, with 300 million monthly unique visitors, Quora is one of the rapidly growing and well moderated Q&A platforms with high-quality information.

Through Quora, brand owners can resolve customer queries, build loyalty, and establish thought leadership. Quora’s USP lies in its large user base. Most businesses have made Quora a part of their content marketing strategy and have driven in more organic traffic with less bounce rate, making this a platform worth exploring. 

Here are nine ways you can leverage Quora to build your brand:

1. Figure Out What’s Your Target Audience

In Quora, brand owners can get a first-hand experience of how the target audience perceives the brand.

32.5% of Users are aged 25-34, which is the second-largest among Quora users. Just imagine the size of the market you can tap with Quora. Going by Quora statistics, 74% of Quora’s audience is not on LinkedIn, 81% of their audience is not on Twitter, and 23% of them aren’t on Facebook, which means Quora has a high level of unduplicated audience. So, you can drive digital conversations with unique audiences by plugging in your brand with trending topics. You may also engage with relevant issues to highlight your brand’s values. 

2. Seamless route to drive website traffic

As per the data collected by SimilarWeb, U.S drives the highest traffic of 27.80% to Quora, with India being the 2nd at 18.61% traffic. A perfect forum to nourish and build relationships with new audiences, did you know, adults who use LinkedIn spend 2x time on Quora as they do on LinkedIn. Banking on these data points, when you link the offer details on your website to the questions being asked, you can encourage the new users to sign up on your mailing list and leverage that as an asset to grow your business. 

This way, Quora encourages users to get educated on your business and product, thus driving more traffic to your website.

3. Using Quora Spaces to increase engagement

With an approximate time spent of 4 minutes per user, Quora has one of the world’s highest engagement rates. Quora Spaces gives you the power to connect with like-minded people and potential customers and offers various marketing opportunities in a community setting. By answering in a neutral and non-promotional tone and utilizing the right Quora spaces, you can build the audience’s interest in your brand.

4. Apt for all marketing funnels

With Quora, you can deploy communication for all stages of the customer acquisition plan, from creating brand recognition to monitoring post-purchase behavior. About 3/4th of Quora’s traffic comes from mobile devices, which means your brand can test users’ mobile experience by getting their attention. Depending on where you are in the purchase cycle, you can use Quora and keep your marketing communication focused, attract and convert high-quality leads to build great customer engagement.

5. Ideas to create a content bank

There are 400,000 topics available on Quora, and it is the second-largest library next to Wikipedia. When you are active on Quora, you can get a load of ideas to create and plan your content buckets. You can take the lead from various questions being asked on Quora to answer your website’s content or update your content calendar by catering to Quora’s demand.

6. Find the right Quora questions

As a content marketer, you need to figure out which questions will send traffic to your site, are most relevant to your product, and which ones you have the highest expertise in. You also must check the views and follows for each question. 

You can participate in Quora spaces to follow with communities sharing the same interests. You can use Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to show Quora’s pages that generate the maximum amount of organic search traffic. Apart from this, you can look at the most viewed writers for a relevant topic and the questions gaining the most grip.  

7. Posting Answers

When you craft great answers, start with adding an image, tables to improve readability and engagement. Try to capture the audience and engage people from the very start with interesting first lines. Post answers consistently and make sure your answers have a good structure. Own up to your failures, apologize if needed and remain truthful as you share personal experiences. Remember, these techniques are followed by some of the popular writers who get an average of 1 million page views per month.

8. Leveraging on Quora Ads

27% of Marketers Plan to Invest More in Quora Ads. More B2B marketers are continuing to feature Quora campaigns to grow their presence. 

Register on Quora Ads Manager to boost your branding activities. You can obtain data on questions asked, users and communities to plan your marketing efforts. You can easily learn about the popularity of topics and accordingly optimize your targeting. 

9. Upmarket audience bank

The quality of the audience on Quora is excellent. It has a healthy gender ratio of 1:1, which is not the case on Facebook (54% users female, 46% users are male) and Instagram (70% users female, 30% users male).

Quora also has a high percentage of mid and high-management users in decision-making roles, which means your brand has a high chance of getting B2B leads and partnerships by being active on Quora.

Summing it up:
This is a great platform to analyze brand risk, establish thought leadership, test waters for a new product launch, and build a thriving community around your brand.

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