Let me help you visualise a scenario:
Have you ever been in this constant state of new content syndrome, i.e. gravitating towards creating new content that makes you strive for out-of-the-box ideas?

The end result?


Here are FIVE ways that you can employ ASAP to turn your outdated podcast content into repurposed gems according to the platform concerned:


1. Turn your podcast bits into visuals that enact the statement.

We’ve added a video to help you know what we are talking about.

In one of the reels of Naval Ravikant, he added a clean version that simply intrigues and keeps us glued to the screen.

If your product/service is complex in nature, and your objective is to educate the viewer, this will work in your favour.

Yes, turning a podcast into an insightful watch may go heavy on the pocket, but this educational medium can help the viewer grasp the concept in sizable chunks.

Platforms this mode can be used on: Instagram and YouTube.


2. Transform the podcast into carousels:

Carousels had the highest interactive rate in 2022. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

Source: Later

If your primary objective is to urge the audience to engage, you can invest in a designer who can assist in producing the best quality infographics.

If not, you can always rely on Canva, but the quality and time investment may hold you back.

Platforms this mode can be used on: Instagram and LinkedIn.


3. Step up with guides and newsletters:

Compiling guides for your audience makes it easy for them to consume and access similar-themed posts..
You can learn about it Instagram guide and LinkedIn newsletter

Platforms this mode can be used on: Instagram and LinkedIn.


4. Turn it into a video with the cover picture:

You might feel such videos won’t get traction, but they do.

A YouTube video by BoF  (Business of Fashion) showcases how they attracted 7,000 viewers to watch their content.

If you are a small business owner who wants to avoid spending a lot of money, this can be a great source to repurpose. The audio quality, in this case, takes the win.

Canva comes to your rescue to create a cover image that supports the entire video.

Platforms this mode can be used on: Instagram and YouTube.


5. Infographics to the rescue:

As per Search Logistics, content posts with images and graphics enjoy up to 650% higher engagement as of 18 July 2023.

As access to many formats remains constant, the need for infographics has increased tremendously. The table below gives us a fair idea of why we should, without a doubt, invest in infographics.

Source: Search Logistics

Platforms this mode can be used on: Instagram and LinkedIn.



We have covered repurposing podcasts in this edition; however, new insights are coming every month.

As a tip, we would encourage video podcasts (You can check out one of Masters’ Union’s video podcasts as an example) that can instantly build a human connection.

Reinventing the wheel should not be the only way to your content marketing strategy.

Incorporating a mix of new and old content with great strategy is the key to curbing creative fatigue.

Signing off.
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