Did you know 92% of consumers want advertisements that feel like stories? Storytelling is beyond advertising and helps to spread your brand vision. It helps to build a deeper and stronger connection with the audience by adding a human angle to the content in a fragmented media world. Research states that stories are 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone.

How to create a good story for your brand?
In a crowded marketplace full of faceless companies, where emotions drive purchase more than logic, it is not enough to just have an excellent product or service. Amidst these content-intensive times, content marketers are always looking for that unforgettable extra zing in their story that will make their brand powerful. Some of the things that are fabricated in storytelling include identifying the key elements of the story, sparking curiosity among the target audience, and finding a resolution to the problem in the story. For instance, HP India’s Diwali campaign #TuJashnBan promoted locally made products and left the audience with a purpose, scope, and sense for an optimistic future. This commercial that went viral with more than 2 million views had an aesthetic plot with a touch of humanity.

OLX India’s #Daastaan campaign was highly successful in diversifying the content creation strategy by using Partition stories across generations, different cultures, and real-life experiences.

A good story is created by integrating data-driven content with engaging visuals that reflect your brand personality. It is observed that the audience can recollect 65% of the visual content they had seen even after three days, compared to the 10% of printed content.

Storytelling: When art and science connect emotions
Instead of bombarding facts and statistics, a good story focuses on wrapping the plot into a meaningful message. Dove’s heart touching Father’s Day videos #realstrength and #DadsCare where Will Smith and many other amazing real-life dads share their stories for Dove® Men+Care® Mission: Care is a good example of how the narrative of your brand’s challenges and resolutions provokes an emotional response in the audience to make your brand look thoughtful and real. You will enjoy seeing Will Smith and many other dads share their stories here:

Contagious and inclusive, good storytelling as Dove’s has helped content marketers sell, share customer success, amuse, and create a sense of urgency to act. As good stories pique interest, they throw energy and even compel people to change their perspective and the way they behave.

Storytelling and brand perceptions
To strengthen human connections, storytelling and marketing relies upon the strong emotions of the audience, empathizes with them, and provokes them to act.
If you are wondering how Swiggy’s funny memes with attractive food pictures is another brilliant example where insights and emotions go hand in hand, Zomato’s Twitter post ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye’ was an equally interesting anti-marketing strategy.


Both these brands have set a high bar in content marketing by taking a stand on social issues, and this has helped them to create stronger bonds and gain a tribe of loyal followers.
Apart from empathy and emotion, design, personalization, and share-worthiness are some of the key drivers of visual storytelling. Finally, it has always been the bigger picture of creating a trusting relationship with their customers rather than focusing on selling their services and products. And these attributes are what you need to make good stories enriching, memorable and content marketing more persuasive and powerful.

We, at WordBerries, believe that storytelling can make your content vastly stand out. If you have an idea and need execution, let’s talk!

– Team WordBerries