Disney is for kids.

Don’t believe it the next time someone says this to you. I am more interested in and eagerly awaiting their films than my child. And they never disappoint. There is something about them that is more than entertainment. There is a pattern. And here is an attempt to decode it that makes them masters at storytelling.

1. Clear Focus – Pick up any Disney story. It is amply clear, who is the protagonist. The story is about him (or her), and that stays through the next two hours with you.

2. Seamless flow – From establishing the set –up to conflict to resolution, the script flows like running river. Heart of heart, you know the conflict will resolve every time, but you are curious to know how.

3. The Journey – Moana sail or Elsa’s adventure in order to save Arendelle. The Protagonist’s Journey is the crux of all Disney stories. The journey is not preachy, does not judge but one you can identify with as it is so real with its highs and lows. Of course, there are other Pixar 22 rules of storytelling that they follow too.

4. Timeless Quality – I grew up with this brand, my daughter did and am so sure her children will too 😛 How many brands around us can boast that kind of timeless quality.

5. Stamp of Assurance – The blue castle in the beginning and there is assurance the next two hours will be value for money. Even as a parent, I am reassured that there is something appropriate to my child’s age. Well, I guess that’s how Disney India also positions itself now. Remember the shadantar campaign

6. Detailing – The drops splashing, the curls in the hair or the pleats in a dress – I am sure this kind of detailing takes a lot of time and patience. (Besides, they may not have a client on their head saying, ‘yeh kal dena tha’ is our honest guess 😛 ) Only then can Pixar come up with this quality of animation.

7. Timing – With their production schedule to the T, have never seen a movie release delayed. Well, I guess that’s why a cult brand.

A lot of these is what we try to inculcate while writing content at WordBerries. Be it scripts, blogs or articles we endeavour to trace the journey, use the detailing, follow timelines and maintain quality. After all, inspiration can be from anywhere – or shall we say, at a theatre near you!


– Team WordBerries