Are you here for our magical start-up story? Well, it started on a dreamy, rainy night over tons of caffeine. The universe conspired that fine night and WordBerries was born. Except, it did not! Instead, WordBerries was born after months and months of doubted deliberations. It is a labour of love. Love for creation. Love for nurturing and building a place of our own.

Ok so, writing apart. Why exactly are you quitting work?

Will you make any money?

Big deal! There are so many writers these days.

These were and still are some of the most commonly fired questions at us. Out of the many qualities that parenthood grants you is the confidence to beget. That’s how WordBerries was conceived- out of a pure passion for writing valid, relevant content. We were unlike any properly structured start-up. We had no projections, no business case and the works. Our start was a random beginning. Every day was a new day to learn, to grow and become an inch bigger than yesterday.

Clients today, want a one-stop solution for content solutions. We couldn’t do it all. So yes, we lost some orders. But our aim was crystal clear- be good at the things you take up, don’t hoard and deliver low-quality. For us, that was content writing and planning. Then very soon, we realized that the we-will-write-it-all model wasn’t exactly scalable. We started working with some writers that came from varied backgrounds. Some were full-time freelancers, some were accommodating writing with work, some were stay-at-home moms and some even students. It is a beautiful world out there with tons of lovely thoughts waiting to be explored.

We are here to tell you it is alright to not have a plan. What’s more important is that first step. Do you have a passion for writing? Are you looking for a platform to start? We want to be that platform. If you have the commitment, the drive and the love for making each word count- let’s work together! Share what you have scribbled, blogged, doodled at and we shall get in touch with you. It does not matter which city/town you come from; make sure you have the grit and discipline and we will make sure you have the projects.

We know how difficult that first step is. But we also know how liberating it can be. Come, make a start with us.