When we started WordBerries, we would often ask ourselves if the market requires another content creation firm. We then felt imperative to answer what gap did we fill, and why did we exist. Essentially what are the customer challenges we solved?

Here we are jotting below a few thoughts that came to our mind

1. Discipline and variety in Blogs – So several times blogs are not updated, topical content gets missed, and the calendar may not be followed to the T. A structured process of sharing the calendar, deciding to and fro at the end of the previous month and our “not-going-to-rest-till-we-get-approvals” at the beginning of the month ensures that we set a pattern for all the content pieces that have been planned. If we sense the slightest relevance to an external event or news
trust us to link it back to you or your business.

3. On Quora – Being one of the early entrants on Quora, we made mistakes. But these taught us what is working and what needs to be changed. The journey continues to be enriched with more brands from a variety of domains.

4. Video scripts – We love bringing your story alive on screen. With text, music, characters and yes least iterations 🙂

5. Regional Content – We know that ek teer se do shikaar is not one arrow and two hunts. That every language has its charm, and the challenge is to bring forth this magic.

6. How much do you spend on Events? Quite a bit, we get that. So why have it easily forgotten once it is over? Keep the impact on before, during and after the event with our powerful communication pieces.

7. Interviews are not live dictation. Trust us to understand the background, make the interviewee the hero, probe questions to match brief and add a personal touch to these stories.

8. The tale of the long-lost Website. Yes, often, those sections that are written on the website under launch pressure are waiting to be updated. We can add that external, and fresh perspective to your digital mouthpiece.

So, there you go. Yes, of course, we falter. We go two steps behind to go ten forward. But this process of learning, unlearning, and changing course when we see results is beautiful. It’s what keeps us going.
And we do it with a lot of love!

– Team WordBerries