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Content Writing Re-imagined

Your digital and communication assets – websites, videos, collateral etc. are made with so much love and gusto. Yet, sometimes perhaps struggle with quality and relevant content. In this ever-dynamic world, strategies for them get old as soon as they play out. Content loses its charm, the second it’s read.  

Are these some of your challenges?

Unable to click with your audience

Having to re-tell old stories

Struggling to generate fresh impactful content

In a world where digital marketing is increasingly akin to breathing, think of WordBerries as that breath of fresh air that
invigorates your brand.


We are all heart and we are here to make your journey easy.

Our Offerings

Digital Solutions


Newsletter Content


Video Scripts

Website Content

Emailer Content



Offline Solutions

Award Entries

White Papers

Event Coverage

Leadership Speeches

Brochure Content

Creative Writing

Case Studies

Content Strategy

What’s more? We can help you form your content calendar, in line with your business objectives – execute and track it regularly. Help you to create a new strategy, or review an existing one.

Aren’t There Content Writers Already?

Yes of course. And let us also tell you at rates lower than us. We love them. They give us a chance to add value to the content piece. Here’s why we are hired.

We have relevant industry experience. Jargons, compliances, internal audience et al.

We are swift. And might we add, economical too. We adhere to brand guidelines.

Humour? An outsider’s view? Simplified content? We are your best bet!

Timelines are sacrosanct to us.

Our work is well-researched and intelligently executed.

We are also open to feedback.

Helping hands for existing agencies. In-house writers absent or loaded? No problem.

A Little About Us

We were two very typical 9-5 working mothers with maid-dependencies and juggling-tendencies galore, hustling out of the two busiest cities in India – Mumbai, and Gurgaon. Padded with our Engineering and MBA degrees, having spent a good part of our lives in a regular corporate setup, in April 2018, we hung up our corporate hats to be the master of our own words.

Avanti Ubhayakar


Avanti is a hard-core Mumbaikar. Her key marketing skills include Communication & Creative Development, Channel Experience, and Events for brands such as Tata Docomo, Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund and Aviva Life Insurance.


This was also the time she discovered a need for quality content and coupled it with her passion for writing. Being a mother, she also started writing about her experiences.


In her free time, she pursues stand-up comedy and story-telling sessions for kids.

Divya is a candid Bhilai-an! A small-towner at heart has spanned most of the big cities of the country owing to her experience in Retail and Operations in Telecom. She has sailed in both the client (Tata Docomo) and the agency (Channelplay) boats, to understand consumer behaviour better. All the while trying to bridge the ‘brand to consumer’ divide with effective communication.


She recognized her true calling in writing and has not stopped ever since. Also, feels motherhood gives you a very unbiased perspective about everything.


In her free time, she reads, doodles, day-dreams and wishes to write a book someday.

Divya Palekar


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